December-January: Peak Koala Breeding Season

The period between December and January is peak Koala breeding season!! Koalas generally breed between September and February and peak from December to January. The bellowing calls of the male Koala have been compared to a Lion’s roar. Female koalas can breed from about two years of age. The gestation period usually lasts around two [...]

December-January: Peak Koala Breeding Season2017-11-14T16:28:56+11:00

5th December: International Volunteer Day

The 5th December is International Volunteer Day! Our Senior Ecologist Daryl Harman heads a volunteer Bush Regeneration team for Newcastle City Council in his personal time and has done so since 2004. Daryl’s team take care of George McGregor Park - Cambridge Drive, Rankin Park on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 9am. This [...]

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12-19 November: Australian Pollinator Week!

Australian Pollinator Week is all about bringing much needed attention to our essential and unique insect pollinators! Pollinators are a key force in driving biodiversity, with over 75% of the world’s flowering plants relying on insect pollinators to reproduce. These little guys provide important ecosystem services within our natural landscapes and also within agricultural/horticultural and [...]

12-19 November: Australian Pollinator Week!2017-11-14T16:35:35+11:00
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