An arborist by definition is an individual trained in the art and science of planting, caring for and maintaining individual trees.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants’ work in collaboration with the other part of our Environmental division at Tattersall Lander to offer the following Level 5 Arborist services:

Land Development Consulting

Services we offer for land development consulting & project management include:

  • Ensuring the right trees and shrubs are being planted for local conditions
  • Ensuring the plants are being cared for while they are getting established
  • Ensuring that proper safety measures are following in all work

In addition to in-house expertise, our consultants have built up a strong rapport with people in local councils and have a range of trusted providers.

Weed Clearing

Wildthing and Tattersall Lander can help with all weed clearing and scrub removal.

Before property can be developed, clearing of noxious weeds may be needed to allow for the establishment of native vegetation. Failure to control noxious weeds may result in orders, fines or legal action.

It is crucial to ensure that the removal and treatment of noxious weeds is done by experienced professionals so that the landholder is complying with all of the relevant regulations.

Tree Removal & Permits

Local government areas each have their own regulations regarding tree removal. Wildthing and Tattersall Lander have experience in the regulations of Port StephensMid CoastMaitlandNewcastleLake MacquarieCessnockSingletonMuswellbrookCentral Coast and the Upper Hunter as well as Regional NSW Government Areas (LGAs).

We can help in all aspects of tree removal, particularly regarding the legal requirements. Removal, damage or tampering with a tree even on private property may have fines imposed, therefore tree removal is best left to professionals.

Applying for a tree removal permit requires knowledge of the appropriate legalities and legal terms involved. Wildthing facilitates the arrangement of all documents that may be required for tree removal, whether for a property development, routine maintenance or removal of a dying tree.

Tree Pruning & Tree Surgery

In NSW legislation largely regulates the planting, pruning, destruction and removal of trees and plants and also deals with some of the disputes. Pruning a neighbour’s tree back to the property line may not be permitted if it damages the tree, and pruning trees on your own property may be subject to restrictions – check with your council for details.

Where extensive pruning is required it is a good idea to get it done by a professional arborist – all pruning must conform to the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS4373).

Tree Management & Protection 

Wildthing tree management services are compliant with all the relevant government regulations. Our tree management programs have assisted landowners in residential and rural block clearing, as well as enterprise for infrastructure and development.

We also provide suitable planning for protection of trees where they enhance the environment whether it is on a local street, roadside verge or park.

Working closely with our clients, ranging from councils to private property owners, Wildthing ensure that trees are kept healthy and are not damaged by any risks that may be present, while maintaining the health and safety of the trees and the community.

Hazardous Tree Identification 

Trees are some of the most beautiful organisms on the planet. They provide us with a source of oxygen, life, fruits, food and entertainment.

There are many hazards that can occur or arise regarding trees. While they are typically strong and healthy organisms, they do occasionally cause issues that must be addressed.

Potential hazards involving trees can include structural defects and extreme environmental conditions.

Wildthing’s Level 5 qualified Arborists are trained and highly capable in the area of spotting potential issues that may arise with trees and solving them promptly.

Landscape Designs 

Wildthing provides landscape design and consultation services for people seeking inspiration, advice and uniquely beautiful garden concepts. We are also experienced in all aspects of soft landscaping and large scale planting.

We have strong garden construction experience in:

  • developing designs that are functional.
  • recommending construction materials and methods that fit within client budgets.
  • suggesting planting schedules and layouts that suit the garden interests of the client.

Arborist Report

An arborist report is conducted by a qualified arboriculturalist (or tree specialist). It provides information about the overall health and condition of a tree to determine whether it’s a potential hazard to surrounding properties or people, and will provide viable solutions to help manage or rectify any issues or problems.

Arboricultural surveys are typically sought by government agencies, local councils, town planners, developers and builders prior to commencing any project where trees might be in close proximity.

For further information about Wildthing’s Arboriculture services click here to visit our parent company Tattersall Lander website.