Tree & Vegetation Clearance Supervision & Pre-clearance Surveys

Local government areas each have their own regulations regarding tree and vegetation clearance. Wildthing Environmental Consultants can assist in all areas of clearance supervision to ensure removal is within the guidelines of any permits.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants boast extensive experience in tree and vegetation clearance supervision, as well as conducting pre-clearance and koala surveys. Our role is to thoroughly inspect vegetation before, during and after clearance operations to ensure the safety of any fauna species that may be present. Prior to the clearance we identify any potential habitat such as hollow-bearing trees and nests that are present within the site. During clearance operations we supervise all clearance activities and inspect all vegetation searching for any fauna that may be present. We will then safely relocate any fauna species that were present and care for any animals that may have been injured during the operations. A detailed letter addressing all legislative requirements and tailored to the determining authority is then provided.

Our ecologists have seasoned experience in working cohesively within construction environments and alongside excavator, chainsaw and wood chipper operators, as well as other contractors. Wildthing Environmental Consultants’ experience in this field has enabled our ecologists to build a strong and invaluable rapport, based on trust and respect with many local vegetation clearance companies.

As safety is the priority when working in these environments, Wildthing Environmental Consultants’ ecologists hold the necessary accreditation, as well as a current First Aid Certificate and appropriate vaccinations.