Flora & Fauna Assessments

Flora and fauna assessments are undertaken when certain activities, such as land clearing or development elicit state and/or national environmental legislation.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants has extensive experience in conducting Flora and Fauna surveys across a variety of landscapes.

Initial stages of the assessment involves mapping of the site, the identification of vegetation communities, habitats, geology, and potentially occurring threatened species based on state and national databases within a 10 kilometre radius of the site. This preliminary information is used to design field surveys appropriate to the site.

We use a range of survey techniques to examine types, extents and conditions of vegetation communities and habitats, including threatened species and Endangered Ecological Communities (EEC).

More comprehensive ecological surveys may be required for large developments and subdivisions to determine the likelihood of threatened species using the site.

Comprehensive surveys may involve flora, fauna and habitat identification, ecological community identification, tree assessments, systematic targeted searches of threatened species, spotlighting for nocturnal species, stag watching, call playback, night camera vision surveys, and capture and release of fauna species using ethical and humane trapping techniques. A detailed scientific report tailored to the legislative requirements and the determining authority of the project will then be provided.

Species Impact Statements

Species Impact Statements (SIS) are required when a development is deemed likely to affect threatened species, populations, ecological communities or their habitats. Wildthing Environmental Consultants’ ecologists are experienced at preparing comprehensive SIS reports specific to any project.