Nest Box Supply, Installation, Monitoring & Maintenance

The installation of nest boxes may be required when habitat (e.g. trees containing hollows) is removed from a site. The nest box installation method is important, as it must provide a secure hold for the nest box without adversely impacting on the health of the tree.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants employs the preferred Habisure System, which uses 3.5mm plastic coated galvanised tie wire that has 50mm bends either side to allow for tree growth. To further protect the tree a section of hosepipe is also placed around the area of wire touching the bark of the tree. Nest boxes are then placed at the recommended height for the target species.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants provides and installs species specific nest boxes, with different sized boxes, entrance holes and shapes designed for individual species. A combination of these boxes may be installed depending on the habitat removed and the species that may be utilising that habitat. We also can provide and implement a nest box management plan, undertake monitoring and maintenance of the nest boxes and provide a detailed report tailored to the determining authority of the project.