Project Description

Twenty nest boxes were installed on this client’s sweeping property. The client was especially interested in seeing the extensive array of species continue to live and expand in their own backyard.

The nest boxes were designed to provide roosting and nesting habitat for a number of species including Parrots, Lorikeets, Kookaburras, Gliders and hollow-dependant Microchiropteran bats.

The boxes were constructed by Tattersall Lander’s very own Ben Folbigg (Arborist, Bushfire Consultant & Planner). They were constructed out of 17mm CD plywood (sustainably sourced) with type A glue. The outside of boxes were painted with two coats of quality exterior acrylic low sheen paint that blend in with the bush setting.

The point of fixture to the next box is a stainless-steel eye/lag bolt and they have been fixed to the tree with stainless-steel bugle head screws 100mm in length. The nest boxes were installed into the gardens around the residence.

Our Ecologists and Arborists thoroughly enjoyed this job, particularly as the client is so concerned about the continuation and growth of the beautiful wildlife in his own backyard.